Dirty containers and old walls contain a world of their own that can be epic in scale. Small as it is, it is usually hidden from our view, but it is there if you look close enough. When you do, some motifs immediately catch your eye as you recognize a familiar concept. But more often less distinguished and seemingly less attractive surfaces, with their complex forms and patterns, produce the most striking images. It’s just a matter of removing the context and replacing it with a new one. This way, partial shots of rusty doors and garbage containers, old walls and cracked tiles, even dirty tires, suddenly become abstractions.

Presented abstract photographs were made in 2012/13, mostly in Berlin, some also in London and Rome, using analogue and digital cameras.


See Me Gallery – The Story of the Creative, group exhibition, 25/7-10/9 2013, New York, USA

New Artist Fair – 06-08 September 2013, art fair, London, UK

Berliner liste – 18-22 September 2013, art fair, Berlin, Germany

Gallery Uno – 29 November – 31 January 2014, with Rie Kuroda, Berlin, Germany

Pop-up Gallery, 6-13 December 2013, group exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Pop-up Gallery – January 2014, group exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia – February-June 2014, solo exhibition, Berlin, Germany



I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I graduated in ethnology and sociology. For a while I was a journalist and writer, now I’m a filmmaker and photographer, currently living in Berlin. I wrote an award-winning screenplay “Lara” and directed a couple of short films and one feature film, “We’ve never been to Venice” (2008). I’m currently developing my next feature film.

INTERVIEWS about my photography work:


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For information about my film work visit the page of film production company Tomahavk: tomahavk.org